“Sea World Scene” To Be Cut From The Paper Towns Movie!

I was shocked to discover that the movie adaptation of Paper Towns (releasing in June) will not be featuring the SeaWorld trip shared between Quentin and Margo. As this is one of my favorite scenes from the book, I’m really quite disappointed and upset that they’re not keeping the scene! I feel like it really provides a foundation for Margo’s character, and the story itself.

This was explained by the melty.com article:

Published towards the end of 2008, the novel debuted some time before 2013’s Blackfish created a storm of controversy surrounding the treatment of the orcas in captivity. The documentary revealed what went on behind the scenes at the Florida park, before recounting the incident that led to the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau following a show with orca Tilikum. Speaking about the decision to cut the scene, producer Wyck Godfrey announced:”Since John wrote the book, the documentary [Blackfish] came out. I think it’s a little less playful to go to SeaWorld now.”

Hmm. What are your thoughts?


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