The Lunar Chronicles – 5th Book Announced!

The science fiction/fairy-tale series The Lunar Chronicles was only supposed to be a four book series (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress & Winter), but now Marissa Meyer has announced that the series will see a fifth book.

The newest addition in the series  will be entitled “Fairest” and will be a prequel story centered around Queen Levana, who Marissa Meyer reveals to be inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White.

The author states that the story will follow Queen Levana from around the age 15-25, finishing around a decade before the beginning of Cinder, and will explain Levana’s story and how she ended up the way she is now.

Blogger’s Note:

I’ve only just finished reading “Scarlet“, the second book in the series, so no spoilers please! But I am very excited to read the next THREE books in this series! I’m glad that there is another series I can stay with for the next little bit, especially as it feels like so many of my favourite series seem to be ending…:(



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