New Simon Lewis Short-Story Series!


While on her City of Heavenly Fire UK tour, Cassie recently announced that with her fellow authors, she will be composing a few short stories about Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments! Asdfghjkl

She announced the 10 titles of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy: 

“I’m holding off also on saying too much about Academy until we nail down dates — it will be ten stories, like the Bane Chronicles, and like the Bane Chronicles will end up as a print book eventually. The stories cover Simon’s arrival at the Academy through to his Ascension Ceremony, but a lot of them also time-hop: back to 1830, 1893, 1900, to the time of the Circle and some switch perspectives. I’ll say more when we make the actual announcement but for now have the list of titles to play with!”

Possible Titles Announced:

1) Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy.

2) The Lost Herondale.

3) The Whitechapel Fiend.

4) Nothing But Shadows

5) The Evil We Love

6) Pale Kings and Princes

7) Bitter of Tongue

8) The Fiery Trial

9) Born to Endless Night

10) Angels Twice Descending

Blogger’s Note:

While I love that Cassie is doing yet another Shadowhunter-based series (even if they are only short-stories), I feel like maybe she is just over-doing the Shadowhunter theme just a bit, with the numerous Shadowhunter Chronicle book series she has released and that are to-be-released in the future. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still super-hyped for this upcoming short-stories series. Did you see the title “The Lost Herondale”? Obviously I’m excited.


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