Cassandra Clare Releases a Snippet From “The Last Hours”

Even though this Shadowhunter Chronicles series isn’t due to release for a couple of years, Cassie Clare, being the angel she is, has released a snippet from the upcoming series “The Last Hours.”

Matthew held out his hands. “Pax,” he said, wheedlingly. “Let it be peace between us. You can pour the rest of the port on my head.”

James’ mouth curved up into a smile. It was impossible to stay angry with Matthew. It was almost impossible to get angry at Matthew.


New Mockingjay Stills/Posters!

A few new Mockingjay Part 1 movie stills/posters were finally released! They look absolutely epic and amazing–loving it!

hungergamesmockingjaypartonever22jpg-ed6125_960w the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-1-poster-boggs-mahershala-600x924 a_560x0 The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-1-1-600x924 mock3

New Simon Lewis Short-Story Series!


While on her City of Heavenly Fire UK tour, Cassie recently announced that with her fellow authors, she will be composing a few short stories about Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments! Asdfghjkl

She announced the 10 titles of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy: 

“I’m holding off also on saying too much about Academy until we nail down dates — it will be ten stories, like the Bane Chronicles, and like the Bane Chronicles will end up as a print book eventually. The stories cover Simon’s arrival at the Academy through to his Ascension Ceremony, but a lot of them also time-hop: back to 1830, 1893, 1900, to the time of the Circle and some switch perspectives. I’ll say more when we make the actual announcement but for now have the list of titles to play with!”

Possible Titles Announced:

1) Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy.

2) The Lost Herondale.

3) The Whitechapel Fiend.

4) Nothing But Shadows

5) The Evil We Love

6) Pale Kings and Princes

7) Bitter of Tongue

8) The Fiery Trial

9) Born to Endless Night

10) Angels Twice Descending

Blogger’s Note:

While I love that Cassie is doing yet another Shadowhunter-based series (even if they are only short-stories), I feel like maybe she is just over-doing the Shadowhunter theme just a bit, with the numerous Shadowhunter Chronicle book series she has released and that are to-be-released in the future. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still super-hyped for this upcoming short-stories series. Did you see the title “The Lost Herondale”? Obviously I’m excited.

Lily Collins on the Possibility of the “City of Ashes” Movie

Lily Collins recently covered the Spanish magazine “Yo Dona“, talking a little bit about the possibility of the movie “City of Ashes”, the second installment of “The Mortal Instruments” series.

She shares: “That’s the big question, but the truth is I have no idea whether there will be a sequel.” 

She also said, “This business operates so mysteriously, that it’s hard to predict the future of a movie. There is too much politics around, so you need to be patient and let go. I’ve shot two movies since then and I’m happy with the projects.”

*gross sobbing*

In other words…still postponed indefinitely.

Kevin Zegers Challenges Lily Collins to the Ice Water Challenge!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 10.14.58 pm

Kevin Zegers challenges former co-star Lily Collins to the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, which practically means tipping an icy bucket of water over your head for the amusement of other people.

..Practically The Hunger Games.

Always The Hunger Games.


Anyway, she accepted the challenge and made an adorable video of it on her Instagram page! You can check it out at the link below!

I’m so happy that their friendship continues! #mortalinstruments for the win!

The Lunar Chronicles – 5th Book Announced!

The science fiction/fairy-tale series The Lunar Chronicles was only supposed to be a four book series (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress & Winter), but now Marissa Meyer has announced that the series will see a fifth book.

The newest addition in the series  will be entitled “Fairest” and will be a prequel story centered around Queen Levana, who Marissa Meyer reveals to be inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White.

The author states that the story will follow Queen Levana from around the age 15-25, finishing around a decade before the beginning of Cinder, and will explain Levana’s story and how she ended up the way she is now.

Blogger’s Note:

I’ve only just finished reading “Scarlet“, the second book in the series, so no spoilers please! But I am very excited to read the next THREE books in this series! I’m glad that there is another series I can stay with for the next little bit, especially as it feels like so many of my favourite series seem to be ending…:(


Review: “Scarlet” by Marissa Meyer! (Spoilers)


  • 4.5 stars/92%
  • I absolutely adored “Scarlet” by Marissa Meyer and I am loving how the story is playing out! I completely binge-read it; read it within three hours or so, though I wasn’t really into the story until around half-way through the book. I think I definitely enjoyed this much more than Cinder, mostly because this book was just so surprising in so many ways – breaking all of my preconceived notions on so many things. For example, I generally don’t like second books and I also generally do not like multiple perspectives in a book, but I ADORED this book. This book was just such an exception in so many ways, which is one of the reasons why I loved it so much.

Setting the Scene:

  • Scarlet is set in France, which is really exciting and I love how it’s switching up everything in the book. Everything in this second book is just changing and I am loving it. Originally, the story followed the unsuspecting cyborg, but actually kick-ass Lunar Princess Cinder, and her journey, and I was so sure in the first book that Cinder was going to be my favourite character in the series. But then we meet Scarlet, and my alliances completely changed.
  • I was so interested in how this story was going to play out. This book is obviously loosely based on the fairy-tale Red Riding Hood, with a science-fiction twist, but when Wolf and his whole story came into play I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know how much this book was going to stick to the fairy-tale, so I was just sort of  alert throughout this whole book, looking out for any clues that would help me guess the storyline of this book, especially after the huge plot twist we got from “Cinder“.
  • There’s the whole Lunar evil wolf mutation thing going on. I didn’t really put together that whole part of the story until the end of the book; that these were bloodthirsty man animals with sharp nails and teeth and bloodlust. So this whole new Lunar species have most likely just been chilling on Earth for a while, basically just trying to find Princess Selene.


  • I love Scarlet as a character; she seems really sure of herself, unlike Cinder, who we can see still has a lot to work on with her self-confidence and respecting herself as a person. Scarlet is pretty bad-ass and awesome, and I honestly just really like her and can’t wait to see more of her in the next books. I think one of the reasons I like Scarlet more as a character is that she is more…human, both literally and figuratively. With Cinder it’s a lot about parts and mechanics, while I feel like Scarlet has a bit more depth and more strong emotions.
  • Cinder is super bad-ass and epic as always. She knows what she’s doing, she’s got Iko and Thorne, she’s got her team.
  • I’m loving Thorne and his whole attitude and his friendship and relationship with Cinder. I think he is just a great partner for her, and that they really work well together.He reminds me of someone from another series. Kenji maybe from the Shatter Me series maybe? It’s that sort of best friend flirtatious relationship that’s not actually flirtatious at the same time.
  • And Iko. I didn’t really care for Iko before like I did for the other characters, but she has really grown on me in this second novel.
  • Kai has soo much responsibility at the moment for the country, and obviously, there is all of those mixed feelings he has for Cinder going on!
  • Finding out that Scarlet was like part-Lunar was so shocking to me! For a moment there, I thought SHE might be Princess Selene and that it was all a big misunderstanding but…no. It’s really interesting that all of these characters are Lunars and it’s going to be really interesting seeing how this all plays out.


  • I am loving the relationship between Scarlet and Wolf. I loved Wolf from the first moment we heard about him and him and Scarlet are definitely my favourites in this series. The only thing bad that I think about it is I think they are going a bit too fast with their relationship, I mean, they’ve only been with each other a few days or something and she already wants to  be his “alpha female”? But whatever, I’m loving it.
  • Also, there’s that whole lingering cut-off relationship with Kai and Cinder. We don’t really know how that is going to play out with the whole Levana and Kai marriage coming up, but I’m really hyped for it.
  • Scarlet and Wolf are really passionate and loud and out there, while Cinder and Kai are more quiet and awkward and beautiful and I like seeing two different kinds of relationships in this book rather than all the same kind.

Scarlet’s Capture:

  • I was pretty confused with the whole Wolf betrayal thing with Scarlet, I thought he honestly liked her and really couldn’t picture him selling her out like that. But then we find out that he is just pretty much a subject to mind control, something that he has to fight against.
  • Scarlet’s whole capture was so stressful and was just a great build up action moment in the book
  • The scene with Scarlet and her grandma was just so heartbreaking and beautiful. BUT CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT the scene where Scarlet talks to Ran while he uses a glamour to be her fake grandma? Ugh! I got so many disgusting shivers from that! They were definitely sticking close to the fairy-tale in that scene! Nice one Marissa Meyer!

What do you guys think?

  • Let me know what you guys thought of the second book in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles! Honestly, I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to further my reading with Cress!