I had such a great time participating in this year’s Booktube-themed readathon, known as The Booktubeathon 2014! It was so amazing feeling that sense of community with all of the other booktubers participating, and I really feel like our numbers are growing! (hehe we will take over the world)

It was awesome to watch other booktubers with their video updates, and super epic to do my own! Though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do with school every day, I managed to complete all of the video and reading challenges for this Booktubeathon. I generally read quite a lot of books regularly, but before I was sort of in a ditch and wasn’t really up to speed with my normal reading pace, and I feel like this readathon gave me that extra push to get back into the zone 🙂

So overall, I had such an amazing time during this Booktubeathon, and I hope to participate in it again, and other readathons like it! You can find out more about my Booktubeathon experience over at my Youtube Channel (called “the tmi fangirl”), where I have all of my reading updates, video challenges and a wrap-up video! Also, you can let me know all about your booktubeathon experience in the comments below 🙂

It comes from the heart,



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