“The Inventor’s Secret” – SPOILER FREE Review



I thoroughly enjoyed “The Inventor’s Secret” by Andrea Cremer! I will be filming and uploading a Youtube review of this book within the next week, but for those of you who would like to see a few of the points that I will be including in my review, I will list them below!

-first steampunk book that I enjoyed – others I found really dull and slow
-heavily and richly detailed steampunk (e.g. man-eating rats, mechanical horses, transportation)
-really opens up your imagination!
-very enjoyable read
-very well-written book
-really good characters (both main characters and secondary characters), especially Jack and Charlotte *smirk*
-loved the sibling relationship between Ash and Charlotte
-was hooked from the first page
-rich plot line and story line
-I understand this is a series, but this ending was disappointing for me — one of those endings that left me empty inside!
-well-written relationships between characters and the relationship building
-loved the setting and the story line (besides the ending of course)
-let down a bit by the plot line on Grave. His plot line was great, but I feel he should have been given more attention, as his story is very interesting!


4/5 stars 🙂


My new favourite steampunk book that I highly recommend! An extremely fast-paced  read packed with a rich plot line and detailed descriptions, as well as loveable and relatable characters. A very well-written story which is definitely a must read.


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