Shai and Theo | San Diego Comic Con 2014!

Shailene Woodley and Theo James share some cute shared looks during the Divergent signing event at San Diego Comic Con 2014, which was held at the Convention Center in San Diego on Saturday afternoon, July 26.

The stars took a break from filming Insurgent to meet with some lucky fans and to sign some posters!

You can see them below being all cutesy and sharing some looks 😉

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Lola & The Boy Next Door | Book Review!

Hey guys! I really enjoyed the book “Lola and the Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins! It was an adorable, cutesy contemporary that dealt with real-life issues, which is a combination that I absolutely adore! You can hear more of my thoughts on Lola & The Boy Next Door in my video review which I will list below 🙂

Cool YA August Releases!

Opposition – Jennifer L. Armentrout

~ The fifth book in the “Lux” series

~ Releases 5th August


The Rule Of Thoughts – James Dashner

~ The second book in “The Mortality Doctrine” series

~ Releases 26th August


Greta And The Glass Kingdom – Chloe Jacobs

~ The second book in the “Greta and the Goblin King” series

~ Releases 5th August


Just Call My Name – Holly Goldberg Sloan

~ Stand-alone book

~ Releases 5th August


I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister – Amelie Sarn

~ Stand-alone novel

~ Releases 5th August


Mortal Danger – Ann Aguirre

~ The first book in “The Immortal Game” series

~ Releases 5th August 


Blind – Rachel DeWoskin

~ Stand-alone book

~ Releases 7th August


Fragile Destiny – Suzanne Lazear

~ The third book in “The Aether Chronicles” series

~ Releases 8th August


If You’re Reading This – Trent Reedy

~ Stand-alone novel

~ Releases 26th August 


A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

~ Stand-alone book

~ Releases 26th August


Into The Grey – Celine Kiernan

~ Stand-alone

~ Releases 26th August


Beauty Of The Broken – Tawni Waters

~ Stand-alone novel

~ Releases 26th August


Sanctum – Madeleine Roux

~ The second book in the “Asylum” series

~ Releases 26th August


Astray – Amy Christine Parker

~ The second book in the “Gated” series

~ Releases 26th August


Starlight’s Edge – Susan Waggoner

~ The second book in the “Neptune’s Tears” series

~ Releases 19th August


The Girl From The Well – Rin Chupeco

~ Stand-alone book

~ Releases 5th August




Natalie Dormer to come to Supanova!

This was announced the other week, but I decided to post this anyway, just in case you didn’t know!

Natalie Dormer (“Cressida” in the upcoming book-to-movie adaptation of Mockingjay and Margaery Tyrell in hit HBO series Game of Thrones) will be coming to Brisbane/Adelaide, Australia this year! You can find out more on the dates of when she is arriving and more information about the Supanova 2014 events in the “News” section of this website, or over at the Supanova homepage 🙂

I am so excited, as a con-goer (meaning to all of you non con-goers, someone who goes to conventions) to be able to have the opportunity to meet Natalie Dormer this year! asdfghjkll *what is air*



I had such a great time participating in this year’s Booktube-themed readathon, known as The Booktubeathon 2014! It was so amazing feeling that sense of community with all of the other booktubers participating, and I really feel like our numbers are growing! (hehe we will take over the world)

It was awesome to watch other booktubers with their video updates, and super epic to do my own! Though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do with school every day, I managed to complete all of the video and reading challenges for this Booktubeathon. I generally read quite a lot of books regularly, but before I was sort of in a ditch and wasn’t really up to speed with my normal reading pace, and I feel like this readathon gave me that extra push to get back into the zone 🙂

So overall, I had such an amazing time during this Booktubeathon, and I hope to participate in it again, and other readathons like it! You can find out more about my Booktubeathon experience over at my Youtube Channel (called “the tmi fangirl”), where I have all of my reading updates, video challenges and a wrap-up video! Also, you can let me know all about your booktubeathon experience in the comments below 🙂

It comes from the heart,


Looking For Alaska – Movie

So by now I assume all of you have heard that “Looking for Alaska” (the novel by John Green) is going to be made into a movie adaption. Yes, that means that both Paper Towns AND Looking for Alaska are being made into movies!

I am not really sure how I feel about this. It all seems very sudden. The clear thought running through all of our heads is… “don’t f*** it up”. For me, I don’t really think it’s the kind of book I want turned into a movie. I think it will be very difficult for the producers to create. Paper Towns, I think they might be able to just pull off. Truthfully, I don’t believe either of these films will be as good as the TFIOS movie, but I still think they will both be well-done.

Also, LFA (Looking for Alaska) has some more adult themes than the other John Green books. This may raise the rating of this film, and the limit the audience that goes to see it.

Looking for Alaska…I kinda just want it to stay a book. But hey, it could still be an amazing movie. After all, it was an amazing book.

Your thoughts? Comment below.

Four – A Divergent Collection!

The Four: A Divergent Collection, which is a collection of four short Divergent stories from Tobias’ point of view, just dropped the other day! I am very excited for it…and I don’t have a copy yet. Annoyed. Very annoyed.


Make sure to get your copy in store today, or buy it here