Divergent Movie Review!

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Personally, the movie was a lot better than I expected. After watching the trailers, I went into the cinema with medium-low expectations, really expecting the movie to be the same level of professionalism as the City of Bones movie; enjoyable and exciting, but overall not a great movie. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that the Divergent movie was so incredible, and around the same level of awesomeness as the book itself. I really think that its right up there with previously well done book to movie adaptations such as Catching Fire.

The movie really captured the brutal conditions of the initiation trials. In the book, the fighting and difficulties that the initiates have with one another, the obstacles they were given, and their issues with the instructors were very hard core. The movie really included that, which made the film feel more realistic. They really dealt with the circumstances that they were given, which helped contribute towards character development throughout the film. I also felt really scared for the characters. Usually in movies, you are frightened for the things that happened (like horror movies), but usually not actually scared for the characters themselves. That’s one of the major differences between movies in books. In books, I think you feel a greater emotional attachment to the characters themselves. I was really worried when Tris was about to get thrown into the chasm by Al and Peter and the others, even though I knew from the book that she was going to survive. I was worried when she was going on the zip line, even though I knew she would be okay. These were just a few of the things that helped move towards a really good movie. I really felt for and loved the characters, and that emotional attachment was really imminent, just as it was in the book.

Of course, there were some differences for me with how I felt for the characters in the book, compared to the characters in the movie. I loved Tris A LOT more in the movie, and she became more of a favourite character for me. I also liked movie christina, but i liked her way more in the book. In the books, Christina was actually my favourite character, besides a certain someone who was not in the movie. I’ll get to that later. I loved book and movie tobias equally – he’s hot and sexy either way.

Character development was spot-on in this film. The movie started off with a vaguely naive and dauntless-adoring Tris to a more brave and merciless Tris, one who was stunningly brave and had a non-tolerance for distractions of stupidity, and would fight to get to where she needed to be. Also, in the simulations, Tris originally did what a Divergent would do and got her way out of it, but learnt to do it the Dauntless way and really conquer her fear, instead of running from it, and find a way to survive. Not only were these added scenes very imaginative, but it also has a really good message about standing up to your fears.

Other positive points in the film to consider:

  • The camera angles were very professional – special effects not over the top. From this, I could tell from the first scene that it was going to be a fantastic film
  • Actors – I love tris, and not just because i love Shailene Woodley, but what she brought to the film.
  • Acting – All acting was phenomenal. The actor for Eric was absolutely perfect casting, besides the face piercing issue. Kate Winslet as Janine was great; she was cold and icy, with an always lurking apprehension that something was about to happen. Miles Teller as Peter was great; sassy and brutal.
  • Didn’t see Tris and Caleb as Hazel and Augustus from their upcoming book to movie adaption of The Fault in our Stars. 
  • Though they added some different things into the movie and moved some things around, it didn’t at all take away from the movie itself.  The things that they added in made it more enjoyable and entertaining for the audience. Book to movie adaptations are never exactly the same as the books; adjustments always need to be made to make it better on-screen.
  • Captured the dystopian feel of the popular YA genre of today
  • Good emotional level – emotional, but not sappy. The screen writer must have been good (cough – unlike CoB)
  • Veronica Roth was a co-producer – always makes for a better film
  • Sassy tris (eric to tobias: say goodbye – tris: goodbye) (tobias: what makes you think that you can talk to me? – tris: must be because you’re so approachable) This is probably one of the main things that made me like tris more in the movie – just that extra sass
  • Once i finished watching the movie i felt so dauntless and free; i was running on the street and climbing stairs and kicking trees. legit. I’m not kidding.
  • LOVED the Tobias and Tris intimacy simulation scene – hilarious
  • Sets were really scary (e.g. chasm) and it was actually very nerve wracking watching Tris doing all these things. Even though i know she wasn’t going to die, I was still worried for her. how ironic… worried about tris dying.
  • Exactly how I pictured future dystopian Chicago city and all of the factions and where they lived, especially Abnegation and the Dauntless compound.
  • It was really close to the book down to the little things.  (e.g. tris hamburger scene)
  • Emotional connection between Tris and Tobias
  • Simulations and fear landscapes – REALLY WELL DONE – was so freaked out by the crow scene
Improvements – don’t want to do this but it is necessary for a good review and films always have at least one area in which they need to improve.
  • while character development was great, relationship building was a bit overlooked. relationship building between characters (will-christina, will-tris, four-tris, tris-family)
  • some of the small things that were taken away or added in (e.g. knife in hand jeneane) (missing al funeral scene)
  • needed slightly more focus on marcus
  • “i am selfish i am brave”
  • Uriah
  • some actors (actress of Christina)
  • music was great – there wasn’t much of it, which was perfect to create more tension within the film, and to also make a bigger deal of it, when it was played in the right times, to increase emotions for characters and specific situations. however, ellie goulding (BLASTING in some areas, also i just generally do not like her) – would also really like to buy and listen to the soundtrack, because besides that, the music was really epic.
  • i know theres nothing anyone could have done anything about it, i really wish that tris could have been shorter than christina, because tris was always described as small and everything

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