Vote Tris/Vote Katniss

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This stuff is nonsense! Nonsense I tell you!

I think the real question is: why is everyone participating in this? As far as I’m concerned, most of us on Instagram and Tumblr are in BOTH of the fandoms. OK, so MTV is hosting this comp, but why are fangirls and fanboys voting? Why should we have to choose between two of our, obviously, most loved fandoms?

My feed has been constantly updating me about how Katniss and Tris have been head to head in this stupid competition. Isn’t this enough to show that they are both equally loved? Why is everyone still voting? Aren’t these the characters that we adore and look up to? I think it’s wrong to choose between them, and that so many people are doing it.

This whole thing is stupid. I love both Tris and Katniss equally and they are two of my all-time favourite heroines. Voting is silly and we all know it. This is just one of the major things that causes fights between the THG fandom and the Divergent fandom. I think it’s pretty clear we love both of them.

So #stopvoting today.

PEACE. I love both of my babies equally!


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