Divergent – Hits AUSTRALIAN Theatres –





We have waited so long for the Divergent movie, and while everyone in America and other places are going on about how amazing it is, us here in Australia have to wait to April 10th, or April 7th, if you’re going to the “advanced” screening like me. Obviously, some people might say: “it’s only like, 3 weeks.” NO, I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG.

I’m dying and I need to see it.

Some say its as good as Catching Fire. By the Angel, I hope so. They better not screw this up!


Catching Fire HD Stills!

Finally, we have been given some high quality Catching Fire stills! Obviously, everyone has their screenshots and standard definition pictures up on Instagram, but not these glossy, beautiful babies!

tumblr_n2v3uuhjec1rj87yco4_1280-png tumblr_n2v3uuhjec1rj87yco2_1280-png tumblr_n2v3uuhjec1rj87yco1_1280-png tumblr_n2v3uuhjec1rj87yco3_1280-png


I think I smell some new edits….My IG is @thetmifangirl btw haha

New TFIOS Cover?

The TFIOS movie might be getting its own movie tie-in novel!! Wow it’s beautiful, I hope they release it!


I love movie covers–well most of them! I love the CoB movie covers, and sort of the Divergent covers, though I love the originals better! But this is an amazing cover…as beautiful as the original! For now, its set to come out on the 8th of April!! Will you

New COHF Art!

Cassandra Jean,¬†Cassie’s friend, released this new picture!



Who do you think this is? Comment below! Please don’t be Alec! Right now, it hasn’t been confirmed that it is in fact Alec Lightwood.

Cassandra Jean posts:

Obviously, I was only allowed to post that image¬†because you can’t see who is who. So y’know I ain’t saying anything, but I will watch you cry.

Evil!!! That is just pure evilness! TORTURING US.

Remember that COHF releases on May 27th! You can now pre-order your copy!

Catching Fire – Release!

Catching Fire was finally released as a DVD the other day, on March 7! If you haven’t already, you should be able to buy it in stores, depending on which country you’re in! I live in Australia, and unfortunately it doesn’t come out as a DVD here until March 21, but on the day I will definitely be going out and purchasing it!

Have you bought Catching Fire yet?