We Want COA News!

A tag has recently been going around on Instagram: #wewantcoanews It’s true, we do. City of Ashes filming was set to start last September, but was postponed because they wanted to adjust the script. We were told last year that filming would begin start of 2014, but it is nearing the end of February, and we still have no news! I’m pretty sure the cast is separated on different sides of the Earth at this point!
Though we were promised news, we all are aware that there is a fair chance that they may cancel the City of Ashes filming. As much as we don’t want it to be true, City of Bones did not do tremendously well last year in the box office, though it had an extremely high budget. Though us fangirls protest, those are the cold, hard facts that we have been given.
The cast has been dropping hints that there may be a CoB sequel:
Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) at the Burberry event ~
Jamie: First we’ll release some records in the middle of the year. But then very, very soon, hopefully, fingers crossed, something very secret. 
Interviewer: With exciting directors and actors?
Jamie: And exciting stories.
So yes, though there is a chance that it may not happen, we need COA, and we need news of it soon!



Jamie at Burberry Event!

Our favourite Jamie Campbell Bower (beginner TMI Fangirls know him as Jace Wayland) featured at last weeks’ Burberry Prorsum’s event in London! Pictures have previously been released of Jamie’s model shots, which are shown below.
Eerily similar to Simon Lewis’ “an evil Burberry ad” comment, Jamie ended up modelling for Burberry! …Cassandra Clare knew all along!! Hahaha XD
Jamie and Lily have both been modelling an awful lot recently… probably trying to keep themselves busy and distracted from the fact that Jamily is end-game. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.
6f944453c892178860dd759a85ef9f7f-1Ohh, doesn’t he look adorable in pink? It really is his colour! I want to give him a big hug…. oh I’m such a creep…
images Awww cute! His smile = thousands of souls. Well oops, there goes my soul..
jcb-784x436_zpsecb1c473 He is fabulous! This year’s Burberry crew all together!
JCB_zps2f251963 Can we just take a minute to celebrate his goddamn perfection?! ASDFGHJKL He is wonderful, spectacular and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!

New Books 2014 – Year of Feels!

Unknown-2 “Ignite Me” by Tahereh Mafi has just been released! I have only read Shatter Me (the first book in the series) , but it is a beautiful and fantastic book and I know that the rest of the series will be absolutely amazing! It is the final book in the Shatter Me series, so be sure to go check it out! I guarantee that you will love it!


Released February 4th





Unknown-1“The Retribution of Mara Dyer” by Michelle Hodkin is the final book in the Mara Dyer trilogy!! asdfghjkl I love this series so much and I am so terrified (but EXCITED) for this novel! The two books before this were absolutely fantastic, and some of my favourite books of all time, and they are very dreamy, but yet realistic. It’s an amazing quality that you don’t come across very often! Make sure to check out the first two books before the final instalment releases in June this year!

Releases June 10th





COHF_coverI don’t want to say anything about this book. I am absolutely terrified. Check out my COHF tab for my thoughts on it… :/ asdfghjklasdfghj



Released May 27th





8709524I have not read the Bloodlines series yet, as I have just discovered the Vampire Academy Series! However, I have been told that this is a really great series, and I believe in it whole heartedly! This is the third book, I think, called “Silver Shadows” and it is by Richelle Mead.



Releases July 29th

2014 Sherlock Convention!



“Sherlocked” is the upcoming Sherlock official convention from our favourite BBC producers, the first one ever to take place! It has been confirmed that Massive Events will primarily host the event, along with other companies. We have been told that it will take place this year, and that it will go for around 3 days!! Asdfghjklk WOW!!!! …Does this mean we get to meet Benedict Cumberbatch?! AHHH.

The con will have visits from the cast, chats, autograph and signing opportunities as well as activities and much more! Martin FREEMAN- I’m coming for you…

Stay tuned for more news about this upcoming event, such as specific dates and specific locations and news!

 “We’re very excited to be announcing our first official Sherlock convention for later in the year, aptly named SHERLOCKED.  Massive Events  have been pestering me for ages to get a date for this in the schedule but we wanted to make sure that we had the time and energy to make it a great, high quality and fun event, and now we have! Watch this space.”  –Producer of Sherlockology.com-

Lily for Lancôme!

Beautiful Lily Collins (who plays Clary Fray in The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones) featured at the London Pre-BAFTA Lancôme event on February 14, which was coincidentally Valentine’s Day.

Pictures of Lily modelling for Lancôme Paris and London are below, as well as photos of her at the Pre-BAFTA event!!

Lily-Collins-for-Lancome-French-Ballerine-Spring-2014-Makeup-1 images images-1 images-2 Unknown

Beautiful Lily has another gigantic event that everyone adores! Everyone wants her to model for them!


There has been a ridiculous rumour going round

that Season Four of Sherlock is arriving in 2016! Is this true? None of us know for sure…no one is safe. I am really very confused because I thought S04 was set to arrive on Christmas 2014? They even published it in the newspapers, probably for the 20 millions fans hanging on for our baby (just this once, I’m not talking about Sherlock, or even my baby Martin, wait Bilbo, I MEAN JOHN) and I’m actually talking about a certain villain. I think the question we’re all dying to answer the question of… Miss me?

But seriously, I can’t wait 2 yrs for S04. The fandom can’t wait 2 years…again. If they do this, this is so cruel! But then again, Sherlock is a cruel fandom. MARK GATISS, STEVEN MOFFAT (did I spell that right?) I WILL BLAME YOU. Ah well, I guess we will just have to see…

For now, take these ridiculous comebacks I created, for when you fight with some random hater of fandoms:

1. “I may be a peasant, but honey you should SEE ME IN A CROWN.”


Person: “You’re a b****.”

Me: “Oh, do your RESEARCH. I’m a high-functioning sociopath!”


English teacher/Therapist: “Tell me what’s going through your mind  right now.”

Me: “What would you say if I told you I keep Moriarty locked up in my Mind Palace?”

Them: “…”

Just three for you, created by Your’s Truly *bows deeply* #justkiddinghaha #mysherlockcomebacks


The TMI Fangirl, or I guess in this case,

The Sherlock Fangirl!

Final Divergent Clip!!

Hey guys! WOW! Just last week, the final Divergent trailer was released!

Oh feels… Damn YOU Fourtris….

Anyway, this was the final bombshell for all of us fangirls, as we patiently wait for the Divergent film to arrive this March (or in Australia, APRIL. I know right, like seriously?!). Arghh it’s so difficult waiting…but we can handle it! This trailer reveals never-before-scene footage of Tris’s simulations, which I found really interesting. Another thing I found particularly awesome (even though everything about this movie is awesome) was that everything that I have seen from the trailers was exactly how I pictured it! Reading the book, this is how I pictured the simulations and the Ferris Wheel scene…I know, I know. For the producers to capture that is really exciting for me, and I give them a pre-thumbs-up for nailing that (or so I hope!). This is obviously going to be a fantastic movie and I can’t wait to see Shailene Woodley and Tobias Eaton in this upcoming film. BTW, if you didn’t know already, Shai is a brilliant and phenomenal actress! Go watch the 2013 movie “The Spectacular Now” and then check out my Youtube Reaction and Review. This is all under the video tab and the reviews tab on this site!

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