We Want COA News!

A tag has recently been going around on Instagram: #wewantcoanews It’s true, we do. City of Ashes filming was set to start last September, but was postponed because they wanted to adjust the script. We were told last year that filming would begin start of 2014, but it is nearing the end of February, and we still have no news! I’m pretty sure the cast is separated on different sides of the Earth at this point!
Though we were promised news, we all are aware that there is a fair chance that they may cancel the City of Ashes filming. As much as we don’t want it to be true, City of Bones did not do tremendously well last year in the box office, though it had an extremely high budget. Though us fangirls protest, those are the cold, hard facts that we have been given.
The cast has been dropping hints that there may be a CoB sequel:
Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) at the Burberry event ~
Jamie: First we’ll release some records in the middle of the year. But then very, very soon, hopefully, fingers crossed, something very secret. 
Interviewer: With exciting directors and actors?
Jamie: And exciting stories.
So yes, though there is a chance that it may not happen, we need COA, and we need news of it soon!



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