Jamie at Burberry Event!

Our favourite Jamie Campbell Bower (beginner TMI Fangirls know him as Jace Wayland) featured at last weeks’ Burberry Prorsum’s event in London! Pictures have previously been released of Jamie’s model shots, which are shown below.
Eerily similar to Simon Lewis’ “an evil Burberry ad” comment, Jamie ended up modelling for Burberry! …Cassandra Clare knew all along!! Hahaha XD
Jamie and Lily have both been modelling an awful lot recently… probably trying to keep themselves busy and distracted from the fact that Jamily is end-game. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.
6f944453c892178860dd759a85ef9f7f-1Ohh, doesn’t he look adorable in pink? It really is his colour! I want to give him a big hug…. oh I’m such a creep…
images Awww cute! His smile = thousands of souls. Well oops, there goes my soul..
jcb-784x436_zpsecb1c473 He is fabulous! This year’s Burberry crew all together!
JCB_zps2f251963 Can we just take a minute to celebrate his goddamn perfection?! ASDFGHJKL He is wonderful, spectacular and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!

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