There has been a ridiculous rumour going round

that Season Four of Sherlock is arriving in 2016! Is this true? None of us know for sure…no one is safe. I am really very confused because I thought S04 was set to arrive on Christmas 2014? They even published it in the newspapers, probably for the 20 millions fans hanging on for our baby (just this once, I’m not talking about Sherlock, or even my baby Martin, wait Bilbo, I MEAN JOHN) and I’m actually talking about a certain villain. I think the question we’re all dying to answer the question of… Miss me?

But seriously, I can’t wait 2 yrs for S04. The fandom can’t wait 2 years…again. If they do this, this is so cruel! But then again, Sherlock is a cruel fandom. MARK GATISS, STEVEN MOFFAT (did I spell that right?) I WILL BLAME YOU. Ah well, I guess we will just have to see…

For now, take these ridiculous comebacks I created, for when you fight with some random hater of fandoms:

1. “I may be a peasant, but honey you should SEE ME IN A CROWN.”


Person: “You’re a b****.”

Me: “Oh, do your RESEARCH. I’m a high-functioning sociopath!”


English teacher/Therapist: “Tell me what’s going through your mind  right now.”

Me: “What would you say if I told you I keep Moriarty locked up in my Mind Palace?”

Them: “…”

Just three for you, created by Your’s Truly *bows deeply* #justkiddinghaha #mysherlockcomebacks


The TMI Fangirl, or I guess in this case,

The Sherlock Fangirl!


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