Mortal Instruments Cosplay!







We are proud to present-The TMI Cosplay!



Hey Shadowhunters! I just wanted to let you all know about our upcoming Mortal Instruments cosplay! My parabatai and I are hosting it! My Instagram username is @thetmifangirl, and I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to my parabatai, @get_your_guns ! She has an absolutely F A N T A S T I C account, so if you’re into the Mortal Instruments, which I’m guessing you all are since you’re here, give her a follow!

So yeah, in short, April and I are organising a TMI cosplay either mid-year or towards the end of the year. It is being held in Melbourne, VIC. We thought it would be the perfect place, since we could really capture some of the scenes well here – especially the opening alley way scene with Jace and Clary! This is going to be captured on one of Melbourne’s awesome graffiti alleys. Yes, of course, I live in Queensland, but I am very devoted to this and willing to fly down for this cosplay! At the moment, we are working really hard to figure out the costumes, props, locations, scenes and casting. It’s a slow process, but we are sure that in the end, it will turn out a great result!


Our casting is a bit complicated… Yeah…As you can see, both April and I are casted as Clary Fray! It’s a bit of a long story, but all you need to know is that we will both be playing Clary! Don’t worry, we’ve figured everything out so that we each get some scenes, then we both get to do some, then we get to be in some of the scenes together! Yes, I know it sounds tricky, but everything is going to be alright!

Okay, the pictures above aren’t all the cast obviously. We have most of the cast, including (above) Clary, Isabelle, Magnus and Eric, but also (not above) Simon, Alec, Jocelyn and Madame Dorothea. UNFORTUNATELY, we are still looking for a Jace Wayland, Morgenstern, Herondale, Lightwood, WHATEVER you want to call him! Haha XD The guy we wanted to play Jace turned us down, but we are confident we will find just the right guy to play our beloved Jace! :*

As well as the cosplay, @get_your_guns and me will also be posting tutorials and Q&A’s, just for you guys! I am really excited for this cosplay, even though it is still a few months away, because I know it’s going to be a lot of fun, and ultimately, a really good experience! I haven’t officially met April in person yet, but we have a good connection and so far, planning and everything with her has been fantastic, and we obviously work well together! She is such a nice person and I can’t wait for us to do this cosplay! Stay tuned; once we finish the cosplay, we will upload the photos! We are on the hunt for a very good photographer, one who takes really professional shots!


The TMI Fangirl


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