Final Divergent Clip!!

Hey guys! WOW! Just last week, the final Divergent trailer was released!

Oh feels… Damn YOU Fourtris….

Anyway, this was the final bombshell for all of us fangirls, as we patiently wait for the Divergent film to arrive this March (or in Australia, APRIL. I know right, like seriously?!). Arghh it’s so difficult waiting…but we can handle it! This trailer reveals never-before-scene footage of Tris’s simulations, which I found really interesting. Another thing I found particularly awesome (even though everything about this movie is awesome) was that everything that I have seen from the trailers was exactly how I pictured it! Reading the book, this is how I pictured the simulations and the Ferris Wheel scene…I know, I know. For the producers to capture that is really exciting for me, and I give them a pre-thumbs-up for nailing that (or so I hope!). This is obviously going to be a fantastic movie and I can’t wait to see Shailene Woodley and Tobias Eaton in this upcoming film. BTW, if you didn’t know already, Shai is a brilliant and phenomenal actress! Go watch the 2013 movie “The Spectacular Now” and then check out my Youtube Reaction and Review. This is all under the video tab and the reviews tab on this site!

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