‘The Fault in our Stars’- Book Review

This is my way overdue book review of The Fault in our Stars. If you haven’t heard of it, which is extremely unlikely, then all you need to know is that its just another one of those silly famous books of John Green. YEAH RIGHT. Im just kidding…This is one of my favourite books ever! John Green killed the fandom with this book, but we all love it so much and we are also so excited for the movie adaptation coming to theatres on June 6!

The Fault in our Stars… where do I even begin? This is an absolutely fantastic book that I recommend for all ages. Everyone seems to love it; me, my 18 year old cousin, my grandma, the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in the fandom…John Green writes loveable, quirky stories which are very relatable and completely adorable. TFIOS is just one of the many beautiful books he has written, and by far my favourite! It is internationally known as a #1 bestseller, and if you haven’t already, I promise it won’t disappoint!

Let’s start with the character you just immediately fall in love with within the first few pages. Hazel Grace Lancaster; a teenage girl struggling with Stage IV cancer and the pressure of going to a support group just to make her mom happy. Hazel is another beautiful character conjured up from John Green’s fabulous mind, a girl that is so relatable to in many ways. I don’t have cancer or anything, but the way she describes things in that way that just makes me understand her point of view completely. She is the most relatable character that I have ever encountered, and have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Hazel has a beautiful heart, someone who is so sweet and strong, and brave to fight her cancer for years to stay alive. That’s where Augustus comes in. Augustus Waters is ALSO the sweetest person, which makes him and Hazel the perfect couple. They meet in support group, Augustus stating that he has lost his leg to sickness. From then on, the story just keeps getting more and more adorable, as they bond. From the moment they met, we could all feel the electricity zapping between them, the chemistry. John Green always manages to create such beautiful characters with amazing relationships with one another. The love between them is so heartbreakingly romantic! 😦

This book is an amazing story of bravery and romance. Something that I love about TFIOS (that I have also stated in my YouTube video) is that I love how real this book is. The story it tells isn’t fiction fantasy; it’s a real story with real characters and real problems in the real world. I think that’s what makes them so relatable. They struggle with everyday problems just like the rest of us, only theirs are a bit more extreme. Hazel Grace is such an amazing heroine. I notice that nobody ever calls her that, but she is. She is more brave than any of the others from my fandoms. She’s stronger than Katniss Everdeen. She’s braver than Tris. She’s more loyal than Clary. Even Hermione shrinks in comparison with her. Hazel Grace Lancaster is THE hero. Maybe she never faced demons, but she had to fight Stage IV cancer, isolation and the loss of her boyfriend. Hazel Grace is the strong one. Whenever I read the book, I always feel like I am having a direct conversation with Hazel and Augustus. To me, it feels like they are actually sitting right in front of me, not trapped within the confines of pages. But not to worry about that problem anymore, because the movie is coming!!! aasdfghjk soo excited asdfghjkl!

An incredible book that definitely deserves all the attention and brilliant reviews that it has received. Thank you all for reading my TFIOS Book Review, I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for ‘TFIOS Trailer Review and Reaction”, or you can view it on my YouTube channel! my channel is “the tmi fangirl” so please go take a look! xo <4


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