Tris Prior; Role Model (Allegiant Spoilers)

Our beloved Divergent series character Tris Prior is such an incredible role model. No, I refuse to refer to her in the past tense. Maybe they’ll pull a Sherlock Lazurus and create a post-series; I mean that worked out with SH, Irene and Moriarty! Anyway, Tris is such a great example for us all. She knows that she is not a perfect person, yet she takes pride in that part of herself and all of her other characteristics. Her bravery and strength is so inspiring for us, thinking of her always gives me the power to push through difficult times. Throughout the trilogy, she demonstrates so many acts of incredible courage that it’s absolutely remarkable. She makes many new friends along her journey, and I believe she is great at communicating with other people and building friendships. I love how she finds Tobias and together they have a pretty unbreakable relationship. They have problems like any other couple, but that only proves that they are real. Perfect couples only exist in perfect worlds, and Tris has sort of taught me that there is no such thing, perfectness. At first, Tobias and Tris’s issues bothered me, because in a lot of books I read, characters and their relationships with one another are very loving and without deep fights. Fourtris made me realise that that’s not very realistic, and that the utopian relationships that often pop up in my books are not real. Of course, this doesn’t stop me from wanting my own Jace Wayland and Augustus Waters.

In the ¬†beginning of Divergent, Tris has to choose between her family and herself, and that is a very hard decision to make. At some point in all of our lives, we have to make a similar decision to the one she made, and it it always difficult. She goes to Dauntless, helping to understand herself in a way that eventually helped her to understand her own family better. Finding out that her mother was also Dauntless and had come from outside the fence was quite a big shock to Tris, but in the end, she liked knowing the her mother wasn’t just a boring Abnegation with no background story. That’s someone that Tris didn’t really want to become, or for anyone to be, and I think that is very admirable.

In the series, Tris has a strong sense of her character and wellbeing, which is a known characteristic of the Dauntless. She continues to state things like, “I am selfish, I am brave” and “I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent.” These phrases show that Tris eventually figured out she was, and she made an agreement with herself that nothing and nobody could change that. I really look up to that in a person, and I think she helped me to understand who I am, and to stop following others who only were copies of undesirable people.

Tris has a strong blend of impulses, reflexes and instincts which help her in the battlefield. She may be small, but behind that, she is made of unbreakable steel and is ready to take on the world. Tris is such an amazing role model for us all, and I cannot thank Veronica Roth enough for creating such an ideal character.

Rest in peace, Tris. We love you and will never forget your bravery and courage. To me, you do not fee like a fictional character, but more like a real life friend that I have lost, someone whom I have gotten to know and love. I wish you hadn’t been taken away from me, but I still love you and please rest in peace. See you in the afterlife.


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