Sherlock Season 3


The new season of Sherlock lasted as quick as it came! The season passed within a few weeks, leaving us on an extreme cliffhanger and begging for more. The three episodes (The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, His Last Vow) were a whirlwind of emotion, all the way from Sherlock’s miraculous survival, Mary and John’s wedding, and then the incredible comeback of Jim Moriarty. A new slimy villainous mastermind, Charles Augustus Magnussen, was introduced in the final episode. Thankfully, he was killed and our favourite villain, Moriarty, is back! The season ends a few seconds after the credits with Moriarty mysteriously saying “miss me?” We replied with comments like “YES BBY I MISSED YOU!”…Sherlock-Season-3-Teaser-2

The third season of Sherlock attracted over 13 million fans to the television series, making Sherlock the #1 Crime Show (as stated my IMDb) and one of the top drama series, as well as Doctor Who and Supernatural. The wait for Season 3 was about two years long, but the producers are trying to get season 4 to us by Christmas. Still, a year long wait is quite a while! Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed Season 4 & 5. Filming for the new series is already planned, and probably will begin shortly, depending on the Cumberbatch and Freeman’s schedule. Producers say, “we want a Sherlock Christmas Day special.” Well       so do we!

Stay tuned for my Season 3 episodes reviews, will be coming to you within the next few weeks!


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