New Divergent Stills

.Unknown divergent-four-theo-james ScreenShot20130827at18.38.29

We awoke to a pleasant surprise on a morning last week; new movie stills for The Fault in our Stars and Divergent! For those who have stuck with the two fandoms since the beginning, it has been a long wait for the new movies. For the last year, whispers have flown around for the TFIOS movie releasing in June, while Divergent released trailers and extended clips to get fans hyped for the movie premiering on March 21.

The first image shows Tris holding a gun with Tobias behind her. Now, for those who’ve read the book, this probably isn’t a real gun. Tris is most likely holding a paintball gun for the Capture The Flag game in the beginning of the book. This means that this still is probably close to the Ferris Wheel scene. ….*feels*

The second image shows Tris peeking out of the corner of her eye at a determined Tobias. Most likely, this is the part when they have all been put under a simulation that Divergents are immune to. At this time, Tris is unsure whether Tobias is being controlled or not, but later he shows her that he is merely pretending, as not to draw attention and  danger to himself.

The third image shows Tris trapped inside a tank, filling up with water. The trailer confirms that this scene is of Tris under a simulation, i her fear landscape. At first she was afraid of the claustrophobia of the tank and suffocating once it was full, but her Divergence kicks in in the end and she breaks her way out of it with the awesome quote “it’s not real.”

All of these stills that were released have done exactly what they were meant to do – get us Divergent fans hyped! I can’t WAIT.


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