Mockingjay Part One!


Suzanne Collins’ award winning trilogy has done well internationally so far, with both the books and the movies. We adored the latest movie “Catching Fire” and know that “Mockingjay” will not disappoint. The final film is being split into two parts, as to catch all the details written in the books. I have a positive response to this because I think it is a great idea to make sure that no details are left out from the book. The Hunger Games books are really complex, and I think mostly that the Catching Fire movie really showed that well. It left next to nothing out from the book, and included all dialogue, more accurately portraying the characters I think than the first movie. It was definitely the best book to movie adaption that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, and I really think that it has upped the game for all upcoming movies. The book was obviously scrutinised down to the last detail, and the movie reflected that so well. I have incredibly high hopes for both parts of Mockingjay, and I really think we won’t be disappointed.

It will definitely be difficult to create this movie, I think. Mockingjay is very complicated and has some very hard concepts to grasp. Summing up book series isn’t always easy, I mean, take a look at Allegiant. Reading the final book in the Hunger Games series a year or so ago really destroyed me for a good while. The plot is consistent, yet it changes constantly, moving to fit in the elaborate scheme of events. Characters die and are mourned, and new characters are introduced that help the story along. I think that it was a very good move on the producers’ part to create the movie into two parts. It definitely worked with Harry Potter, The Hobbit and even Twilight. The rebellion really goes into fully-blown mode in Mockingjay, with some really hard core action scenes that will take the actors through rigorous training, and many stunt doubles will have to be employed. The budget for both of these movies is going to be insane, to include all the right props, settings, outfits and technology, but they know and we know that it will pay off with the box office reactions.

I am so amazingly excited for this film and I am happy that it is in two parts because I don’t want this series to end yet. It has such an incredible cast and such a great plot line to follow and I am highly anticipating the final two movies.


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