Divergent Film!

We have all been anxiously waiting for the Divergent movie, which hits theatres on March 21. I still haven’t recovered from the feels that Allegiant brought on, but I’m hoping that this movie can help relieve some of the pain. I hope that Shailene Woodley can accurately portray the role of Tris. I mean, I feel that Tris is such a detailed and difficult character to understand, and I think that Shai will really have to get to know the character before she becomes it. Tris is such a courageous and strong young woman, someone that I think young girls like me really look up to as a role model. It’s hard to create a character that is so relatable but also so ideal. Veronica Roth made Tris everything a leader should be; someone who knew she wasn’t perfect, but also took pride in being strong and being able to handle the difficult situations that she was put in. The Divergent book takes Tris on such a journey of trials and choices; she has to choose between her family and herself. Everyone has to do that in their lives, to consider themselves and where they want to be. For an author to capture that all in one book is a very spectacular feat, and honestly I don’t think many writers could accomplish it.

I have high hopes for the film; from the exclusive scenes I can see that the action and romance scenes are going to be great. But I do also have my doubts. Not making the movie well would just result in an absolute disaster, and it definitely wouldn’t do the book justice. I think that book to movie adaptions are always a hard task, and transitioning it from one one form to another isn’t easy. Personally, I think the movie is going to be great, but its hard to tell from just a trailer. Creating the Divergent movie is a really big step, and I’m just hoping that the producers and the actors are ready to take that on.


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