COHF Cover Release!

COHF-placeholder-comp_toKW_lo-262x400 COHF_cover

Cassandra Clare released the City of Heavenly Fire cover three days ago, along with replies to tweets and snippets, leaving us more terrified than ever. Cassie has confirmed that the cover features Sebastian and Clary, and that yes, Clary is wearing white.

Things we’re worried about:

Clary is wearing white – If you don’t know already, white is the colour Shadowhunters’ mourning colour, worn only for funerals. Cassie has confirmed that six characters we know by name die. Is Clary wearing white for her own funeral, or for someone else’s? I don’t think we’re ready for another Allegiant ending…

Clary holding a knife – Why is Clary holding a knife? I’m not sure exactly if she’s holding a seraph blade or a regular dagger. Another disturbing thought that popped into my head is that maybe she is holding the Stephen Herondale dagger. Is she defending herself in a dangerous situation, or is this dagger symbolising Clary’s suicide? (just a thought)

Discussing the cover:

– We were worried that because of the black wings, it was Simon on the cover. It is stated that in CoB, Clary has a dream about Simon with these black wings, but since we have been officially told it is Sebastian, this cannot be true. However, that doesn’t reassure us at all. Why would Sebastian (A.K.A. Jonathan, but I’m calling him Sebastian because it’s easier) have wings? Black or not, we think that it is a bit strange for him to be sprouting wings on the cover. Clearly, this symbolises something in the book that we can only guess for now. Does Clary see him as an angel now,  in a positive light? Do others see him as a fallen angel? Does Sebastian have mixed identities in the book?


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