“City of Bones” Review

I absolutely love this movie. A near perfect blend of CGI effects and good acting resulted in a great teenage coming of age movie. “City of Bones” is a all the genres mixed up and combined; comedy, romance, Sci-fi, supernatural, action, teen fantasy. Special effects helped add the essence of supernatural creatures into the film, everything from slimy demons to werewolves and vampires. Of course, Hollywood famous stars gave the movie an almost five star rating from iTunes. Major stars such as Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Jonathan Rhys Meyers transitioned the characters from the book to the movie fantastically.

Lily Collins portrayed Clary Fray very well, both appearance wise and acting wise. Lily was almost fearless in the film, blended together with the stubbornness and loyalty that Cassandra Clare created in Clary Fray. Jamie Campbell Bower landed himself a major role, after playing minor parts in huge Hollywood franchises such as the Twilight saga and the Harry Potter series. Like Collins, Bower portrayed the part well, though it is obvious that he played more on Jace’s romantic side, rather than the sarcastic side. In my opinion, Jamie could have piled on the sarcasm more, which would have helped him become a more accurate Jace. All in all though, he was an almost perfect representation of Jace. Robert Sheehan was the perfect Simon for the film, and was just as comedic, hilarious and loyal as he was in the books. Kevin Zegers and Jemima West were great as the Lightwood duo. Zegers played Alec with just the right amount of hatred and jealousy for Clary, while also showing the trustworthy and loving side of himself towards jade. Jemima West was good appearance wise, as her features were very similar to Zegers’. Her acting was fantastic and very bad ass, though in my opinion, she could have been more flirty and girly as she was in the book. I feel she was a bit too manly in the movie. Jonatham Rhys Meyers was a great addition to the film as Valentine Morgenstern, bringing credibility to the film. However, I felt he lacked something in the charm department and he didn’t have the blonde-white hair mentioned in the books. Oh well… you can’t have everything.

The plot of the movie was well done, though very different from the book. Cassandra Clare, author of the series, states that “if everything from the book was included, it would have been a ten hour movie.” I trust that the way that the producer set out the movie was absolutely essential. The movie still had all the right elements, though I think some scenes were overly romantic when they should have been more comedic and sarcastic. Unfortunately, some of my favourite scenes from the book were left out, but as mentioned before, it was clear they couldn’t be fit into the film. The props and settings in “City of Bones” were very incredible, and highly detailed, from the greenhouse to the elaborate vampire hotel. All in all, the movie was almost as good as the book, with a great cast, special effects, plot and setting.


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